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International Women’s Day Case Study: Charlie Halliday

Charlie Halliday is the Assistant General Counsel of Genuit Group Plc and has been working in the Group for 8 years.


Charlie’s career has seen her develop from becoming the In House Solicitor at Adey Innovation Limited, one of the Genuit Group trading subsidiaries, for seven years to her current role as Assistant GC.


Talking about her career journey and how she entered the industry, Charlie says, “I qualified as a solicitor in 2008 and worked in private practice until I went in-house at Adey. My role is wide and varied and I deal with all legal matters across the Group, for the trading businesses and at PLC level, in multiple jurisdictions including employment and immigration, intellectual property, litigation, property, contracts and M&A to name a few.”


“Having worked in a Corporate Team in a law firm for a number of years after qualifying, I was used to working in a male-dominated industry and wasn’t surprised to see that the HVAC sector was also male-dominated, when I joined it back in 2015.”


“Fortunately, I don’t think it has ever affected how I do my role, but I am encouraged by the noticeable shift in the number of women across all roles in the HVAC sector and the wider building products sector in all areas from engineering to finance.”


“It’s certainly my personal experience through my interactions with suppliers and customers and I think it is the case across the wider building products industry too, that this shift, coupled with the widespread adoption of more inclusive working practices, means it’s now an exciting and accessible sector for women to work in.”

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