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Case Study: Helen Isherwood

Helen Isherwood was appointed as the Managing Director of ADEY, part of Genuit Group, in January 2023. 

Talking about her role, Helen states support from her team has been key. “In 2023 I was promoted internally from Innovation Director to Managing Director at ADEY, after almost 6 years with the business. Although I have worked across many areas of the business, it has been a steep learning curve, made easier by the support and culture around me.”

“Since stepping into the Managing Director role, the support from the Genuit Group Executive Team has really helped and it is reassuring to see the consistent culture being driven from the top.”

Helen has witnessed a change in gender equality since starting her career over 30 years ago. Even, in the last 7 years that Helen has been in the HVAC sector, she’s seen a significant improvement “Earlier in my career I was often the only female in the environment. I was the first female to join the leadership team at ADEY.

“However there now feels a more natural split of males and females, not only in ADEY and the Genuit Group, but also in the wider HVAC sector.”

Creating a safe, diverse, and progressive working culture is Helen’s number one priority. “We’re creating an environment where people feel they can learn, and there is the opportunity for people to develop and grow. We have a wealth of talent across Genuit Group, and by working more closely together across businesses we are creating new opportunities to share knowledge, experience, and ideas.”

“As we create further synergies across the Group through the Sustainable Solutions for Growth strategy, by all operating in the same way and working towards shared objectives, it is bringing leaders across the Group together.”

Helen has noted leadership development as an integral action to allow individuals to grow in the industry. “The establishment of the Genuit Leadership Team has been invaluable, enabling us to connect and network, and has built trust amongst leaders during these periods of change and transformation. It is also encouraging to see the investment being made into the Genuit Leadership Programme to develop this further.”

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